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Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: Souleraser am Oktober 23, 2005, 09:50:27 Nachmittag
Before you rush to this website: A SWF-file (Shockwave-/Macromedia-Flash) will be loaded, about 3,7 MB in size. Just to have you warned.


There are many localized versions of the site. The clip itself is available only in English if I'm not completely wrong.

What you'll see is an animated and commented series of pictures of the Pentagon crash site on 9-11 - some of them obviously taken only minutes after whatever crashed into the Pentagon hit it. It seems as if this a trailer made to support the sale of Ms. (or Mrs.?) Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book "Secret history of the world and how to get out alive".

That left aside, that movie clip really caught my attention and leaves me wondering.

And please: I know this topic is difficult. I really would appreciate it if we would not slip into a certain discussion style, ok?

I'm very interested to get this book but it seems as if it is not available at the moment. Should anyone become aware of an opportunity to receive a copy of it, please tell me about it.
Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: AngelOfMusic am Oktober 24, 2005, 12:59:47 Vormittag
My only comment on "conspiracy theories" is this:  :roll:
Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: Arthyron am Oktober 24, 2005, 02:15:43 Vormittag
I've seen clips such as these.  I've also seen rebuttals of said clips, and frankly I find the rebuttals to be far more convincing.  Also, the engineers at my university (Purdue University, a well known Engineering school) did a computer simulation of the crash, and according to them, basically in both cases, planes struck the buildings.  So...I'll have to side with scientists over conspiracy theorists.
Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: Souleraser am Oktober 24, 2005, 08:14:10 Vormittag
As said: I'd like to read the book because I'm interested in why this woman believes to be able to proove that it wasn't a 757 which hit the Pentagon.

The clip itself didn't convince me either - especially the part about the lawn in front of the Pentagon, did anyone follow the links in the clip? - but indeed it made me curious. Yet some of the "facts" are strange indeed: What happened to the debris? Was that hole which was shown in the clip really in the Pentagon and is it really possible that a 757 cuts a clean hole like that into a building?

As said: I'm interested and want to know more. That is something most theories about 9-11 did not achieve.
Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: Virvatuli am Oktober 24, 2005, 08:20:27 Vormittag
Hmh. Though I'm not the biggest fan for conspiracy theories, cause usually they are... just a loaf of ***.

But ever since 9/11 I thought that there was something wrong. There was something wrong with the way plains crashed, something wrong with how they told about it... Something just seriously wrong with the whole picture.
Of course, gorvenments aren't exactly supposed to tell the WHOLE truth to the citizens, but directly lie... Or somehow let some persons perhaps even support this kinda acts.

Tough subject... I guess you could talk hours about what happened, about the "facts" and "evidence" and you would get "enough" "facts and evidence" for both sides to win in court.
Titel: 9-11 theories
Beitrag von: AngelOfMusic am Oktober 24, 2005, 09:11:38 Vormittag
I've seen that link before.  It was being passed around earlier in the year.

I'm sure the book will be interesting, but take it with a grain of salt if you read it.  Sometimes people just like to try and "stir up shit," so to speak.  Not that I would completely trust everything my government has to say either.  But conspiracy theories are really this:  :roll:  Believing such theories is like believing most of what George W. spews out of his mouth, donchaknow. ;)