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Titel: PERVERSITY "Ablaze" - new album out on Lavadome
Beitrag von: transearth am Oktober 18, 2011, 12:37:26 Vormittag

New album by Perversity "Ablaze" is finally out via Lavadome productions. An intro plus nine tracks bring forth uncompromising, subterranean brutal death metal. You will get a peculiar onslaught of technical yet obscure viciousness that's certainly hard on ears at first, but with every additional listen "Ablaze" unveils more and more of its ruthless strength hidden in every detail. Well produced, genuinely twisted and blazing brutality from the depths of underground.

Influence-wise, the album comes out as a mixture of early US brutal death metal absorbing unsettling patterns of Immolation, Incantation. The album, however, brings more streamlined riffs/drum explosiveness & chaos to the table, something that's slightly similar (on a less complex, but more catchy level) to what Adversarial manifested on their debut album so extensively. Hard to describe, easy to check out and listen to.


Available now from Lavadome store:
Check the store out for more death metal insanity.

MARCH OF THE HORDES deliver Swedish styled Death Metal with headbanging-inducing crust groove in their tunes.
ESCAPE THE FLESH hit the listener with a slower, more putrid themed, sickening Death Metal material from the grave.
Matt laminated digisleeve - 50 pieces.
Whole split CD can be streamed, downloaded (e-mail required) at