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Re: Festivals Falconer would like to play.
« Antwort #15 am: Oktober 09, 2007, 03:59:14 Vormittag »
Stefan, it doesn't matter that you guys aren't selling your albums here in the US anymore.  There are many fans that would love to see you at ProgPower.

Nightwish played ProgPower a few years ago, before they got big here in the US.  They thought no one would stay for their set.  The place was absolutely packed.  The fans went crazy for them.

Freak Kitchen also does not sell albums in the US, but they've been at ProgPower two years in a row, and everyone loved them.  They were the talk of the fest both years, along with one or two other bands.  Vision Divine last year, and Pagan's Mind this year.  People just went absolutely crazy for them at the kickoff party this year.

Honestly, I think you'd have a bigger crowd at ProgPower eager to see you than you may think.  If anyone from ProgPower contacts you to play the fest, please consider saying yes!  I'm even trying to get some friends to help me sponsor you guys - which just makes the cost easier on Glenn, since he pays for the lodging and airfare for all the bands who play.  Even if you're asked to play the kickoff party, I'm confident there will be quite the crowd there to see you.  Believe me, Falconer is rather loved by fans here in the US.  And ProgPower is just a bigger concentration of us. :)


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Re: Festivals Falconer would like to play.
« Antwort #16 am: Oktober 16, 2007, 10:34:01 Nachmittag »
I totally agree with Angel. Falconer is loved over here regardless of whether you are releasing your CDs over here any more or not. Besides, with the internet, distribution is really global. I order CDs of bands that don't distribute in the US  all the time through online stores.

Wolf was a band that came here and played at the BW & BK festival years back before they ever had distribution here. It only increased their fan base and I think helped get interest for them with a distributor here which in turn got them an invite to the New England Metal Festival last year (I like to think it was in part due to my incessent nagging of my contact at Prosthetic Records)

ProgPower would be perfect! The venue is awesome. The type of  metal you play would fit well with what generally is invited to the festival and many of your fans already attend each year.  We want you to play ProgPowerUSA!!