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Recording Vocals
« am: Dezember 19, 2004, 11:25:13 Nachmittag »
Heya, fellow Falconer fans.  I just recently joined a power metal band called Lorenguard ( doing backup/choir/narration vocals.  Heh heh, some people have likened us to falconer a bit, but anyway our studio is in the second floor of an old school building, so there's no heat.  So we opted to record the vocals back at the drummer's nearby apartment in the bathroom (as I've heard tile does wonders for the male voice).  

My question is, for those of you with recording experience, what advice can you give to a fledgeling vocalist in the way of recording.  For some reason I had the hardest time singing my stuff while listening to the other tracks on headphones.  I kept trying to sing the lead vocalist's part on accident, and just kept screwing up.  Eventually I just had them turn off the lead vocalist's part and just sang on my own time, and it turned out ok, but I still couldn't use my full voice cause I was worried about getting the timing right (I'm the lower voiced guy in the background singing the "whooahaoh" on the song on our  page btw).

So any ideas on how I can get used to that, or does it just come with practice and repetition just like everything else?