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Re: Show me your car, baby!
« Antwort #105 am: Juli 07, 2008, 06:16:52 Vormittag »
I have slightly higher standards for any cars I'm going to be stuck with long-term.  It has to work...WELL.  It's not enough for me that the car runs.  It has to run without constant maintenence beyond the usual oil change, tune-up, and tire rotation.  Oh, and it has to have a CD player.  I'm on the road ALOT, so a CD player, and a stable car are what I value the most.

My '98 Continental did that (we installed the CD player), but it was nearing 100k miles (97k and some change, to be more exact) and...well...It still has life in it, but for some reason my father thought I should get a new car.  So I traded in my spotless '98 Continental for a REALLY FUCKING SWEET 2008 MERCURY SABLE.

It looks kind of grey here, but it's more of a tan color.  Though the dealership claimed it was "gold."  It has a 6 CD changer in the dashboard, and so far it runs marvelously.  It got me the three hours between my parents' house and my grad school with no trouble.  Mercuries have a reputation as good cars, too, so I'm hopint it will last as long, and serve me as well as my '98 Continental did. 

The dealership was impressed with the condition of the '98, so they're planning on re-selling it.  I hope the next person to buy it is as happy with it as I was.

I'm all sentimental about my old car. :(

Also, I need help naming the new one.  An appropriately metal name will do. :)


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Re: Show me your car, baby!
« Antwort #106 am: Juli 25, 2008, 02:17:22 Nachmittag »
That´s a beautiful car, Angel! About a name for the seem to like Helloween, just don´t name it "Heavy Metal Hamster"  :D

I don´t own a car. In fact, I just got my drivers licence 3 weeks age 35....not very metal, I know  :icon_redface:
I will probably not afford buying a car anytime soon, since I plan to study for the next 3-4 years.