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Black Metal is Rising, july 1st, Paris
« am: Mai 25, 2012, 10:30:32 Vormittag »
Each year, we believe it to be dead ... and yet every year it returns for your greatest pleasure, philanthropists, zealous of all religions, vociferous worshipers of the papal stiff and other bearded conifers. Always more eclectic, always more evil, the great black mass is from now on practiced at the heart of Messidor, to counter the flame of the Stupid Great Sun who brings the old shrews out onto their carnival beaches along the Seine. Hail King Satan, come one, come all, flocks and spicy shepherdesses, blow you summer kiss to the Grand Cric's behind!

Bethlehem (Germany)
The return of the dirty and totally hysterical Krauts vultures who were the cause of "Te Dictius Nectare", an album that became a must-have upon its release. The quartet, who gave birth to depressive black metal, gives us a music marbled with grief and madness. Sinuous, captivating and agonizing harmonies, drooling their angst with a great deal of quavers, at the mercy of a voice that moans, roars and slashes. This opportunity must not be missed as they will perform only one concert in France this year. This is an exclusive concert in Bethlehem.

Nightbringer (USA)
Hosanna! From the dark and the underground, the Rican combo reached a growing respectful success with the recent take-off of two esoteric missiles, which have confirmed the chthonic and teratogenic auras of "those who bring the night". Nightbringer is the goldsmith of rot, for a pulsating black metal, that borrows from death old school its most intense and necro rhythmics, all at the same time weaving lethal polyphonic and outrageous parts. For their first visit to Europe, do not let this opportunity pass to see them.

Forteresse (Quebec)
Our friends in Quebec from Fortress are participating in a grand mass for black metal with heavy ambient accent, reminding us of the darkest periods of our existence. They are a sinister, patriotic and poetic trio with gloomy tones. Esti, rhetorical and existential questions are on the program.

Blackdeath (russia)
Blackdeath was founded back in 1995 in St. Petersburg, Russia, initially as Draugwath and during all its existence has chanted the Apocalypse which befalls from deeps of human psyche till chasms of the endless Space. BLACKDEATH released six full-length albums and several EP's and splits. While going through creative experiments and musical development BLACKDEATH is still faithful to its credo “Blackdeath means Black Metal

Acherontas (Greece)
Conceived on the ashes of Stuthoff, Acherontas has finally arrived in France: nothing less than the elite of the Greek scene, delivering a black metal bathed in the splendour of occultism and is what Abellio called the "architecture of the divine". Having remained too long in the shadow of the studio, Acherontas equips itself with a live band to come and brighten our souls from the inside with its hypostatic frequencies straight from the Grand Absolu (Great Absolute). Sic Luceat Lux!

Borgne (Switzerland)
The monophthalmic (a rare development in which one eye is absent) Swiss comes to us after having made four albums, including the hyper-ambitious "Entraves de l'Ame" ("Barriers of the Soul"), two years ago now, and sets lose its slaughtered mud/silt/slurry unto our ears. Clouded by his inner demons, Borgne’s monolith, here as an honoured guest, delivers a powerful and formidable Black Metal temporarily depriving the listener of all their senses. A rudimentary shattering of teeth without any great efforts.

Anus Mundi (France)
Anus Mundi will be offering plenty of entertainment-based pork rind and fresh vermilion, just to heat the room as it should, and to silence the rumours according to which the band switched to new-wave. Make them happy, come on time and with umbrellas.

The Great Old One
Armed with 3 guitarists and distilling a dark, intense, and melodious music that one could associate with Altar Of Plagues, Fen or Wolves In The Throne Room, the members of TGOO from Bordeaux grab you and drag you through their many atmospheres. Undoubtedly, the French-styled Post / Ambient Black Metal will be talked about.