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The Falconer is awake from slumber

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From the bands Facebook page:

"The Falconer is awake from slumber.

After the darkest year yet I am once again in writing mood, and what a mood! I guess somethig good really can come out of something bad after all. After rebooting musically from a year of creative vacuum there is a fresh hunger and optimism.

The 6 songs completed so far are harder and faster and with more of an attitude again, some of the songs sound like taken from the first album. After reading a book about deciphering and reading the language of runestones I really got some lyrical inspiration too!

I must say that it hasn't been this rewarding and promising for many years to write for a new album, without being carried away too far.The future plan is to concentrate on writing, re-writing and rehearsing for the new album, being sure it is as good as it can and not re-using too many patterns. All songs will be in english this time.

We are just to begin rehearsing once again after a 2 year break and I can't wait to put Mathias through some tests and find out the speed limit of Karsten.

Hails from Stefan and the falcons!!

Stefan / 28:th of January 2013"

 :bangersmiley: :56: :bangersmiley:

Yay, that's awesome news!! Almost makes me regret not beeing ony facebook (well, almost...  :icon_mrgreen: )

Can't wait to get some new material!!

Thanks Prab, this made my day! :)

Ha, I just saw that myself and came here to see if there was a thread yet.

Good to see you alive and kicking, Prab  8)

Here's to more metal magic!

Don't have a FB, but it happened that I stopped by here today to see if there were any news, and fuck yes indeed!
Made my day  :56:

Hehe, great to see that people still check out these boards :)  :bangersmiley:

As soon I read news regarding Falconer I make sure that it's shared here at the boards ;) I know that we all yearn for news regarding "Stefan & The Falcons" (i bet THAT's what Falconer would have been called, if they were a 60s or 70s band XD)!

Can't wait to hear new songs!  :56:


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