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Sup all? I have just been wondering whats been happening with Falconer lately, I have heard nothing.. The last I know of was the release of Armod and that report on Falconers website about "The Falconer is awake from slumber". Does this mean new album? :D ... Falconer are indeed an epic group and I would love to hear some more material of that similar to the self named album "Falconer"...


Yes that's right, they are finally working on a new album. You can read the announcement on their homepage: http://falconermusic.com/  :coolgr:

That's usually the case with Falconer. You hear they're working on a new album, then you hear nothing, more nothing, then perhaps they release a teaser, and then all of a sudden there's an awesome album out  ;D
Can't wait to hear the new album!

No Idol:
Hey wow, found a sleeping forum!

What do you mean, how long could it take until the next album?

Me personally, I'm hoping to hear some new Falconer tunes in a few months :) Hopefully they'll release the album in 2013. I'm very curious to hear what Stephan & the Falcons come up with!


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