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The Falconer forum will close in June

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Opa Steve:
Hi guys!

Since Nat founded the Falconer fan club somewhen in 200x you had the opportunity to join the official Falconer forum here at Bleeding4Metal (FKA bleeding4metal.de). In 2008 we decided some changes for our mag, because we liked to concentrate only on the german audience. The boards kept untouched all this time and never changed. But in june we plan a migration of the forum version, and within this step we will reorganize the boards.

I changed informations with Stefan from Falconer for a while to meet a common decision about the future of this Falconer forum. But lastly he decided not to establish a newer platform because of the low traffic here and the leading role of Facebook & Co.

I will post the date we'll close this board as soon as I know. All topics will be kept for reading for a while, and your accounts will stay alive. Perhaps we'll meet again in our new boards where you like to exercise your german foreign language capabilities?  :coolgr:

Thanx for joining us, and thanks to Falconer for presenting this board as an official forum for years! All the best!


How about a newsletter then?
I understand the "leading role" of facebook, but there is a fair share of old farts among the falconer fans, who are not into facebook at all.
I'd apreciate to have a way of beeing informed without the need to create a facebook account.
There's not much news about falconer, but it would be cool to hear about new release dates and such...

But maybe I'm just too yesterday.

As tip said I can understand what you say about FB and also about the low traffic here, but I am really not into FB either.
I know maintaining social media and also the website costs time, so you look for the maximum reachability of people, but yes to have another option would be nice. Like a newsletter or how about Twitter?
I am sure one or the other fan would help out if there is lack of time.

Opa Steve:

I'm afraid I can't help you, because I'm not into Falconer. It's better to ask Stefan for alternatives, but here is not the best place for this, because he's a very rare guest in this forum.


Well, times are a chaning!
It's been a great time throughout all these years. Many years indeed!
I am thankful for all the people I've gotten to know through this forum.
Thanks to everyone involved!
And guys and gals - take take on your journey, I wish you all the best!
Greetz from Vienna, Prab out ;)  :56: :bangersmiley: :biggrin:


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