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Each week find a selection from our shop
Week 4 Best of CD and vinyls from our Metal recordstore

NACHTMYSTIUM "Eulogy IV" Lp - US Black Metal - 2006
Cheap black metal vinyl mailorder

"Nachtmystium have made another giant step in a very short amount of time. I sense so much potential in this band that I'm already becoming afraid they might not be able to explore it to the fullest." (Chronicle of chaos)

MOOD "slow down"  CD - Doom Metal - 2005
All our Doom Metal CD and vinyl records

"What's MOOD spelled backward? Classic trad doom that would have felt right in place with in the golden years' of Rise Above. The 2nd album from these cult doom legends - gem like doom in the vein of Sabbath, Obsessed and even a bit of Cathedral. Now, the long time sold album of MOOD (pre. Wall of Sleep) called “Slow Down” is available again in a limited version to the public." (PsycheDOOMelic)

SANCTUS DAEMONEON "Grey Metropolis" 2nd Hand CD - Funeral Black/Doom - 2008
Buy cheap metal cd - black death thrass heavy grind doom

"Grey Metropolis" is unnervingly eerie and unhastily experimental. It possesses a distinct underground feel; it sounds sinister; and it looks great. The music produced by these Danes is unique and worthy of your attention. So please, stop waiting for Mayhem or Dodheimsgard or whoever to deliver another decent album and buy something genuinely obscure and creepy instead." (Archaic Mag)

GACKY "Mektig" Cd-r - Indus Noise - 2005
Buy experimental indus noise demo cd and cassette

On "Mektig", Gacky explores a variety of electronic soundscapes, including soft melodic compositions and symphonic industrial, as well as noisy power electronics with hard abrasive inhuman beats. (Organic Pipeline)

ASTROEPOS " s/t"   TAPE  - Ambient
Dark ambient Cd and cassette

"Alchemic ambience as an illustration of the author´s philosophical search. sheer bells, powerful keyboards and mysterious, gentle noise…" (black orchid)

Our Funeral black doom suicidal metal CD and vinyl records
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Week 05 : selection of Doom Heavy and Black albums Cd and vinyls

CHURCH OF MISERY "The early works : 1997 - 2000" 3xLp - Sludge/Doom
All our doom sludge metal records Cd albums

Coming as 3xLp in a superb Gatefold! 2 hours of music!
"this is classic-sounding doom metal, slightly updated, groovy, extra-heavy and fun to listen to. If you know what’s good for you, you’d consume it without even a hint of reluctance. It’s what the doctor prescribed." (global domination)

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS / KODIAK Lp - Doom / Drone - 2010
Buy Black Shape Of nEXUS / Kodiak vinyl LP - doom drone

"These are two of the most intelligent and interesting drone doom metal bands of the present. They are both from Germany and they build a modern doom metal under down-tempo lines and ambient elements. This split is totally substantial. Approximately 40 minutes of noise and post-metal slow motion melodies." (Noizine)

GRAND MAGUS "S/t" CD - Doom Metal - 2001
Buy Grand Magus CD and vinyls records

For the ones who missed this cult debut album! Re-mastered and Re-packaged by Rise Above Records in 2006 with two bonus tracks after being out of print.
"Grand Magus’ self-titled album set the standard for things to come. Inspired by Black Sabbath’s groovier side, these dudes set down some psychedelic doom with facets of stoner rock.(...) Okay, so every track is good, making for full spins every time the CD is in your player." (

THOU "Tyrant" CD - Doom / Sludge- 2007
 buy THOU Cd and vinyls - doom sludge metal

"Tyrant" is the astonishing debut album from New Orleans doom / sludge songsmiths, Thou. While retaining an incredible sense of melodic & dynamic songwriting, Thou have unleashed one of the heaviest and darkest albums to be unveiled during the recent influx of doom & sludge. Powerful lyrics delivered with scathing vocals seal the deal, Thou have proven their value in a time when slow & heavy bands are a dime a dozen. This is only the beginning.

PENTAGRAM "Relentless" CD - Doom - 1985
Buy Cheap traditional doom metal CD

Cult Debut album of the doom masters re-released in 2005.
"Anyways, this is an essensial for all classic doom fans out there, I reccomend you snatch this one up. I reccomend for fans of doom, rock, blues, heavy metal, and thrash. 91/100 " (be without fear)
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On February 11th will be released the WOODEN STAKE / DRUID LORD split-7" EP. Horror doom vs doom death, both from the USA. It's already available on Buy woodenstake druid lord doom metal split vinyl 7 inches EP. Hurry up already 2/5 have been sold!

"captivating couple of tunes from two killer bands", 9/10 (Doommantia)
"Definitely a fantastic release and highly recommended for all doom fans." (Heavy metal time machine)
"encore une bonne tuerie " (Nawakposse)
"DO NOT pass this one" (Hellride)
" réservée aux ayatollahs du doom" (Vs-webzine)
"Schleichend, langsam, schwarz und heavy" (Obliveon)
"Ein interessante sammlerstück" (Osnametal)


"World of doom", the debut album of the French traditional doom band SURTR will be released on May 2nd (France, UK, Eire) & April 29th (rest of the world).
SURTR unleash a dark atmosphere of traditional doom metal on its debut World Of Doom. The band paints a gloomy picture of the world using the hallmarks of doom metal pioneers. They set up the basics of upcoming riots through a concept-album using an analogy between the giant SURTR's legend and modern societies.   

The previous self-titled demo received good feedbacks: 8/10 (DoomMantia), 16/20 (MagicFireMusic), 13/20 (Temple of Doom), 71/100 (Metal-Revolution)
"Surtr manage to deliver enough good stuff to be worth your support, and enough neck-breaking slow-paced riffs to make your head headbang nervously”  (

Artwork & layout by Christoph “Stripe” Schinzel (ANVIL, COUNT RAVEN, SODOM)

Stay tuned on Altsphere : Surtr and Doom Metal CD vinyl records and merchandising

In February, for any order from 15€ of 2nd Hand, Cd-r or Tape, receive a 30% discount on the order (excl. shipping) by entering the Voucher Code : FEB-SALES[/u] on the Cart page or on the Carrier choice page.

Check new products in our Metal Cd and vinyl records shop - doom black death sludge
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Wek 6 : selection from our  Cd and vinyl records metal store

ISIS "The red sea" LP - Sludge - 1999
Buy Isis the Red sea - sludge métal

Tri-color vinyl limited edition to 370 copies.
For the ones who missed this cult debut album! Re-mastered and Re-packaged by Rise Above Records in 2006 with two bonus tracks after being out of print.
Before attaining Celestial heights, ISIS plumbed the deepest and densest of musical depths with The Red Sea. Punishing and unrelenting, The Red Sea  marked a new chapter in ISIS' mosquito-driven, conceptual universe. Incorporating nods to both vintage Earth and the Melvins, it was the two new "song" offerings that marked ISIS' growth beyond that of mere comparisons and demonstrated the grandeur of what was to follow. " (Second Nature)

JEX THOTH "s/t" LP - Doom Metal / Psychedelic rock - 2009
Buy Doom Métal CD and vinyl records

So I highly recommend this album. It's all well-done and not once do I get the feeling that the band is approaching the style ironically. This is late 60s/early70s music performed by people that (I imagine) worship that era and take its sounds very seriously. If you like Jex's singing, and proto-doom and psychedelic music in general, there should be nothing keeping you from loving this. (

CANDLEMASS "No sleep 'til Athens" 2xLP - Epic Doom - 2010
Buy cheap Epic doom metal and Candlemass CD and vinyl records

Coming as 2xLP on blue and white wax! Live recorded in 2009 in Athens.

SATURNALIA TEMPLE "Ur" CD - Great doom Metal w/ members of Therion and Kaamos - 2007
buy doom sludge metal vinyls cd albums

Ultra slow, sluggish and heavy psychedelic/spacey music, one of the top new doom bands around, Saturnalia Temple features members of Therion and Kaamos. This is the debut digipack release of the Swedish doomsters, and a must for everyone into Pentagram, Electric Wizard, Black Widow... Saturnalia Temple is not merely riding the retro-trip, as so many are today, but is a journey of BLACK MUSICAL INITIATION from the QLIPHOTIC spheres, a timeless chant channelled into the MUSIC-RITUAL. The effects of their CHANTINGS, vibrations and hellish rhythms have been cast in IRON by the underworld smithery of TUBAL KAIN. They are here to follow the ANCIENT TRADITION of shamanic TRANCE, hard rock and blues, thus making a lot of noise, spreading general HYPNOSIS and EVIL VIBRATIONS. (PsycheDOOMelic)

DEEP SLEEP "Manic Euphoria" 7" - HxC/Punk - 2007
Punk Hardcore Crust Mailorder

Like just about the entirety of the Grave Mistake roster, Deep Sleep play early `80s hardcore, though with more of an adolescent, scratchy vocal front and a much less abrasive coating. They're often compared to Descendents, and while I wouldn't have thought of the comparison myself, it makes sense to draw a parallel to Descendents' early work upon listening, though of course without the noticeably poppy or upbeat edge. Maybe a bit of Jerry's Kids is in here as well. (
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Selection of  Metal vinyl records and CD -doom black sludge thrash heavy  of the week

BLACK SABBATH "into the void" 7" - Doom/Heavy - 1971
All our cheap doom metal vinyl records LP DLP MLP EP 7" 10" 12"

Gods of Doom Metal! 2 tracks recorded live in 1971 in England. Great sound. With insert.

TITAN "Sweet dreams" LP - Psyché/Space/prog metal-rock - 2010
 Buy limited Titan Sweet Dreams LP  vinyle records 1st press

"A psychedelic journey to the heart of the sun! For fans of HAWKWIND, The SWORD & MONSTER MAGNET"
Brooklyn’s TITAN specialize in crafting epic rock jams; smokey, sprawling stretches of sweet riffs, swirling synths, and all the right kinds of rock bombast. They have an instinctual grasp on tension and release, with each song building to several emotional crescendos before ebbing, only to repeat in the most compelling of ways. Sweet Dreams, and especially the track “Wooded Altar Beyond the Wander”, prove that TITAN is one of America’s finest rock exports.

THERGOTHON "Stream from the heavens" CD - The originators of the Funeral Doom genre! - 1994
[Our funeral doom black suicial metal records shop

Thergothon disbanded in 1993, before the eventual 1994 release of ‘Stream From the Heavens’ though over the years the band has earned a cult status in the underground through this single album. In the mid-later part of the 90's the "Funeral Doom" genre emerged. Thergothon was deemed as one of the originators of the sound & style and an important cornerstone for the whole genre.

MY DYING BRIDE "Anti-diluvian Chronicles" 3CD - Goth Doom Death - 2005
Tous nos Doom Death Métal CD and vinyls

This 3 CD set contains a comprehensive collection of the band's work, spanning their whole career.

TERRORAMA "Horrid efface" TAPE - Black Death Metal - 2004
Retrouvez tous nos cheap Black Death Metal CD
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Selection of Cheap metal vinyls cd albums of the week

PENTAGRAM "Turn to stone" CD - Cult Doom - 2002
FindAll our doom metal cd

You don't know this Cult Doom Band!?!?!? Try this compilation of the 3 first albums!

MOSE GIGANTICUS "Gift horse" CD - Progressive Stoner, Synth sludge! Killer debut album! - 2010
Buy Stoner Sludge Mose Giganticus Gift Horse CD album

"Progressive stoner metal? Synth Sludge? Whatever label you slap on this baby, you can’t deny it’s an interesting oddity." (Angry Metal Guy)
The brainchild of Philadelphia’s Matt Garfield, MOSE GIGANTICUS pulls from an extensive range of hard rock, metal, and punk influences to create a unique and modern record with their Relapse debut ‘Gifthorse’. “The Left Path”, “Last Resort”, “White Horse”, and “Days of Yore” brings together driving, power riffs and low-end heaviness with expansive electronics, synth elements, and spirited attitude. ‘Gift Horse’ is as infectious as it is timeless, and a massive debut from an oncoming force-to-be reckoned with. (Relapse)

MAR DE GRISES "Streams inwards" CD - Doom death - 2010 Buy Mar de Grises CD and Doom Death Meta albumsl
No it's not a clone of the best MY DYING BRIDE's album. Just listen to this awesome stuff!

THE GATES OF SLUMBER "Hymnd of blood and thunder" 2xLP - Heavy Doom - 2009
Retrouvez tous nos Vinyl records LP DLP 2xLP 7EP of Doom Métal Thrash Metal, Black Metal Death and Heavy

Great heavy doom metal !

GODFLESH "s/t" LP - Cult Indus - 2008 reedition
Our industrial and indus metal CD and vinyl records store

Re-released 20 years after it's first press, including a bonus track recorded for an EP called Tiny Tears.
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A lot of new 2nd Hand Vinyls has been added! Lots of 2nd Hand CDs to come soon! Check it out at Worldwide Metal CD and vinyls records stores

- ANNTHENNATH / FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Human infanticide" 7"- Black Metal vinyl records from France & Italy
- AVENGER OF BLOOD "Death brigade" LP - Thrash Metal vinyl records
- BLACK SABBATH "into the void" 7"- 2 tracks recorded live in 1971 in England.
Doom Metal cd and vinyl records
- DEICIDE "Stench of redemption" Pic-LP - death metal cd and viny lrecords
- ELECTRIC WIZARD "Witchcult today" LP- doom sludge metal vinyl records
- ELECTRIC WIZARD "Black Masses" 2xLP (orange) - Brand new killer album!! doom sludge metal vinyls and CD

- EXORDIUM MORS "Verus Hostis-A Hymn to Fire" 7"- Black Death Metal Mailorder
- KHANATE "Clean hand go foul" Pic-Lp[- sludge / drone with Stephen O' Malley (Sunn O,...). Brand new album! sludge drone doom vinyl and CD records shop
- MUCKRACKERS / LE SYNDICAT "la vie est à nous" vinyle 7"EP +  Cd-r- Industrial Harsh nOISE . Brand new effort ltd to 300 copies
- NORTT "Liftgaerd" Gatefold-LP[ - Funeral black doom vinyls and cd
- NORTT "Galgenfrist" Gatefold-LP- Funeral black doom metal CD and vinyl LP DLP EP records store
- URIAH HEEP "Very easy...very umble" Deluxe Gatefold LP - Cult r70s rock acid rock and progressive rock shop
- V/A "Brazilian evil legions attack : the first manifest" LP- buy Black metal doom death thrash heavy vinyl LP 12" 12-inches DLP records
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Metal records shop - cd vinyl cassette

SUMA "Ashes" 2xLP - 3rd album of the Swedish stoner/doom masters! - 2010
buy SUMA album and doom metal records

"Sweden's SUMA 3rd album is a monster record, believe me. Addictive, sick, mean, beautiful." (Throne)

DARK FUNERAL "Vobiscum satanas" Gatefold LP - Black Metal - 1998
buy Dark FUneral and Black Metal vinyl records LP

"Probably the most christraping music ever recorded...",  8/10 (Metal observer)

Buy doom metal vinyls and CDl

Two of Finland’s finest team up for a dual doom assault. Spiritus Mortis offers us three tracks: A Uriah Heep cover, a brand new tribute to Robert E. Howard’s puritan avenger, Solomon Kane, and a re-recorded, longer version of the band’s crowd pleaser “Rise From Hell”, now even more menacing and evil. Fall of the Idols in turn provide us with two new songs in a more heavy metal oriented fashion than we’ve heard before. (

THE FUNERAL PYRE "Vultures at dawn" CD - US Black Metal - 2010
Buy FUNERAL PYRE digipack CD and black metal albums

“The Funeral Pyre has somehow found inspiration in European black metal, do-it-yourself tendencies, and the almighty riff. In this day and age, when has a little hard work and a sick riff ever hurt?” (Prosthetic)

CATHEDRAL "Forest of equilibrium" CD - Cult doom - 2009 reedition
Buy cheap metal cd and vinyl records

Re-released as a Dualdisc in 2009 with "Soul Sacrifice" EP as a bonus disc. The DVD side of the Dualdisc contains 'Return to the Forest', a 40 min brand new documentary with key original band members, filmed in Coventry in 2009, and also featuring interviews with infamous cover artist Dave Patchett.
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Week 11 : selection from our  Metal CD vinyl records store

THORR'S HAMMER "Dommedagsnatt" Gatefold LP - Doom death - 2009
buy Doom Death Metal Cd and vinyls

The Tape from 1996 now on vinyl !!! O'Malley, Anderson and friends playing great doom death metal!

KYLESA "Spiral Shadow" LP - Killer sludge. Brand new album! - 2010
All our post-metal post-hardcore and sludge metal Cd and vinyl records LP EP DLP MLP

KYLESA have come back for their second consecutive year with a kick-ass album (metal injection)

LYRINX "Ending the cirlce of life" LP - Suididal Black Metal - 2009
Buy cheap black metal vinyl records LP de Lyrinx

A top act in the Black Metal genre (metal-archive)

HAWKWIND "In search of space" CD - Cult Prog Rock - 2001 reissue
psychedelic rock acid rock 70s rock cd and vinyl records store

The best Hawkwind release for me ! Ultra-Fave!

COFFINS / OTESANEK "s/t" CD - dooooooom - 2007
DOom Metal records storel

Coffins is a doom death band with CHURCH OF MISERY members. Otesanek is close to UNEARTHLY TRANCE and KHANATE with their slow tempo sludge doom drone.

Lots of new CDs, LPs, 7", 10" & 2nd hand CDs, LPs, 7", 10" in stock !!!!! Only one copy of each!!.
New Heavy Metal products of the Metal cd and vinyl records store
including the new WOODEN STAKE "black caped carnivore" 7" EP [doom metal vinyl] just arrived directly from the US! Horror Doomsters are back!

New items & restock - 3rd Week of MARCH (you can email to reserve now)
- BLACK SABBATH "Master of reality" 180g LP
- DEICIDE "s/t" LP
- DOWN "Diary of a madband" 3xLP
- DOWN "over the under" 2xLP
- EARTH "phase 3" LP
- HEAVEN & HELL "The devil you know" LP
- LUDICRA "Another great love.." LP
- LUDICRA "Fex urbis, lex orbis" LP
- NADJA "Sky burial" LP
- OBITUARY "Slowly we rot" LP
- OBITUARY "Cause of death" LP
- SEPULTURA "Beneath the remains" LP

New items & Restock -  MID APRIL (you can email to reserve now) :
- DARK ANGEL "Leave scars" 2xLP
- ELECTRIC WIZARD "Dopethrone" CD Digipack
- ELECTRIC WIZARD "Black masses" CD
- ELECTRIC WIZARD "Come my fanatics" 2011 re-release 2xLP
- EVOKEN "Quietus" CD
- GHOST "Opus eponymous" LP
- WITCHFINDER GENERAL "Friends of hell" LP
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Each week find a selection from our shop
selection of our Metal mailorder CD and vinyl records  week 12

TOXIC HOLOCAUST / INEPSY "s/t" LP - Thrash/Speed Metal split  - 2010
Nthrash speed metal cd and vinyl records store

EYEHATEGOD "Southern discomfort" LP - Great doom sludge compilation! - 2009
Buy EYEHATEGOD Southern Discomfor vinyl LP - limited repress of doom sludge metalt

its a great place to start for those new to EHG and to sludge metal, and certainly a collector's item for us long-time fans. (metal archives)

MAGRUDERGRIND "s/t" LP - Grindcore - 2009
 Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal album records CD vinyl

Short songs, spine crushing speeds, and hard hitting aggressiveness. What else could you ask for? (Sputnik music)

DOOMSHINE "The piper at the gates of doom" CD - Epic Doom - 2010
Tous nos The only true Doom Metal records store

What also makes them instantly appealing is they will satisfy the Trad-Doom fan as well as the more generic Heavy Metal fan. Lovers of Black Sabbath, Dio and especially 80's darker Metal bands will get a rush from listening to this. Doomtastic! 9/10 (DoomMantia)

SAMUS "Desengano" CD - Stoner / Doom / Avant-Garde. Fave! - 2002
Cheap Metal CD and price drop heavy metal vinyl records

Desengano is a sound track to a freakshow - it's hypnotic, violent, sometimes funny and always downright fucked-up.  (Hellride)
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Each week find a selection from our shop
selection of Metal vinyl records, industrial cassette and Sludge Metal CD week 13

URIAH HEEP "Very easy...very umble" Deluxe Gatefold LP - Cult progressive rock  - 2003 reedition
Rock prog 70s acid rock psychedelic rock cd and vinyls

SKINNY PUPPY "The mythmaker" Gatefold 2xLP - Great indus - 2007
cheap industrial metal cd and records

TRENCHANT "Live of stone" 10" - Sludge metal - 2000
Tous nos doom sludge metal records shop

NEIGE MORTE "s/t" Digipack CD - French Post-Black Metal / Funeral doom / Dark ambient with ex-OVERMARS - 2011
buy funeral black doom metal records and suicidal black metal cd

MADDER MORTEM "Where dream & day collide" CD - Dark Metal. Brand new EP! - 2010
 Dark metal and gothic metal shopl
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SURTR "World of doom" CD - out on May 2nd [France, UK, Eire] & April 29th [rest of the world]
The second sample of SURTR's "World of doom" debut album is onlin now! Here comes the "World of doom - part III" official videoclip.

You can now preorder SURTR's debut album "World of Doom". EXCLUSIVELY on The Sphere, the 50 first copies come with a button & a patch, the next 50 copies just with a button and you can also get the die-hard pack which includes a T-Shirt (Girly, M, L, XL)
SURTR Doom metal CD vinyl records and merchandising

“This is pure, stripped down doom.” (Heavy metal time machine)

"Coole Scheibe (…) [die] ohne Zweifel die Fans der Doom Metal Sparte schon in Verzückung bringen wird."  (Fatal undeground fanzine)

"Immerhin bietet "World Of Doom" klassischen Doom, der weit jenseits von modernen Stoner-Einflüssen recht authentisch herüberkommt." (

"Un premier album convainquant, qui propulse SurTr parmi les très bons groupes français du genre.", 16/20 (Magic fire music)

- WOODEN STAKE / DRUID LORD split-7" [doom /USA]
"‘Black Candle Séance’ really is a great song. (…) [Wooden Stake] confirms they are a band to be reckoned with in the horror doom genre." 78/100 (Lords of metal)
Listen to doom metal mp3 samples - Buy doom metal split vinyl EP Wooden stake / Druid Lord

- ASKMOOD "The weather" digital EP [rock /France]
"Une musique parfaite pour créer une ambiance à la fois mystique et reposante." (
Listen to doom metal Cd and vinyl records mp3 samples

Lots of 2nd Hand CDs added! Check your Cheap Metal CD and vinyl records mailorder

- WOODEN STAKE "3x7"EP SPECIAL VINYL PACK" - Horror doom. Split w/ DRUID LORD + "Black caped carnivore" + "Invoke the ageless witch"
All our doom death metal records CD
- ]WOODEN STAKE / DRUID LORD doom metal split 7 EP

NEW Cheap metal cd - black doom death thrash heavy IN STOCK
- HKY "s/t" Digisleeve CD- Atmospheric sludge from France - Buy Sludge Metal and post hardcore CD
- ISENGARD "Hostmorke" 2xCD - Side-project of Fenriz (Darkthrone). A journey through nordic folk rock & black metal. Incl bonus commentary disc by Fenriz.
Buy black metal cd true and raw vinyl records
- MADDER MORTEM "Where dream & day collide" CD - find it in our Gohitc Metal CD and vinyls shop
- NEIGE MORTE and our Funeral black doom metal CD and digipack album

- [BLACK SABBATH "s/t" LP- Cult first album re-released on deluxe 180g vinyl!
- BLACK SABBATH "Master of reality" LP- Cult album re-released on 180g deluxe vinyl!
Buy Black Sabbath Cd and Doom Metal vinyl records

- CANDLEMASS "Epicus doomicus metallicus" Gatefold LP in our Metal records store - black doom death thrash

- CANDLEMASS "Nightfall" Gatefold LP - Cult doom album now on gold-coloured 180g heavy vinyl, numbered & ltd to 2000.
Epic doom metal CD and Candlemass albums

- CHURCH OF MISERY "Live Roadburn 2009" Gatefold LP - all our Doom sludge metal CD

- EARTH "Phase 3 : thrones and dominions" 2xLP - 1995 drone metal masterpiece now on vinyl!
Drone Doom Metal and Doom Noise records

- CANDLEMASS "Epicus doomicus metallicus" 2xCD- 1st album of the cult doom metal masters ! Absolute Fave!
Buy Epic doom metal and Candlemass Cd and vinyl records
- CANDLEMASS "Nightfall" vinyle LP limited edition - epic doom metal
- CANDLEMASS "20 year anniversary party" DVD - epic doom metal
- DEICIDE "s/t" LP- Cult Debut album re-release on vinyl! Ultra fave! All our death metal cd and vinylsl
- DOWN "Over the under" Gatefold 2xLp - Cult southern rock ! Southern Metal and DOwn cd and vinyl records
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Each week find a selection from our shop
weekly selection of Cheap metal CD in our metal records store

PARADISE LOST "Draconian times" Gatefold 2xLP - Cult gothic doom  - 2010 reedition
Tous nos Doom Death Metal CD and vinyl records

'Draconian Times' is often referred to as the peak of the band's creativity, and established Paradise Lost as a truly world class act. (Peaceville)

GOD FORSAKEN "Dismal gleams of desolation" 2nd Hand LP - Doom Death - 1992
Cheap funeral doom death metal CD

"enough interesting arguments to look into this band" (Slowend)

DIO "Holy diver" gatefold 2xLP - Heavy metal - 2010 reedition
Discover All our heavy metal cd and vinyl records

I beckon every fan of heavy metal to take up this disc and blast the voice of a dead man loudly through his speakers. Hail Dio! (sputnik)

LORD VICAR "Fear no pain" CD - Doom Metal - 2008
Check out  Our Doom Metal Records Shop

With a career-topping performance and by Chritus and Peter Vicar creating a more layered, complex ensemble of riffs than even his work for Reverend Bizarre, Fear No Pain is indeed a worthy addition to the pantheon of traditional doom.  (metal-archives)

RWAKE "If you walk before you crawl, you crawl before you die" CD - Sludge - 2004
Buy doom sludge metal cd and vinyl records

Rwake have taken the typical stoner doom traits and made it the sonic equivalent of chewing glass while higher than an NBA player  (
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SPECIAL DISCOUNT FROM TODAY (April 11th) to WEDNESDAY (April 13th) get 20% off 2nd Hand, Cd-r & Tape orders from 25€. USE THE VOUCHER CODE 'APRIL20'. cheap Metal CD and vinyl records on sale - doom sludge black heavy thrash

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Metal Records Albums and Heavy Metal CD and vinyls of the week

CHRISTIAN DEATH "Only theatre of pain" LP - Cult gothic death rock - 1982 - Buy Christian Death vinyl records LP limited
"it's about the only thing that can be said upon listening to Christian Death's debut, Only Theatre of Pain, released in 1982 and influencing more bands that can be counted since then. The member who got the most attention was, unsurprisingly, singer Rozz Williams, but guitarist Rikk Agnew is the secret weapon that makes this album so good. With the first phase of the Adolescents (and a solo album) behind him, he brings his punk-inspired work here, and with the help of longtime producer Thom Wilson, who sat behind the boards here" (All metal)

SKELETONWITCH "Breathing the fire" LP - Blackened thrash - 2009
Buy skeletonwitch CD and thrash metal vinyl records and speed metal cassette

Black thrash metal witch excellent oldschool thrash and NWOBHM riffs and somes epics songs in the veinof AMON AMARTH! Killer! New album!

MONSTER MAGNET "1970/Doomsday" 10" - Stoner - 2000
Stoner metal and stoner rock vinyl and cd records store

RUE/ALDEBARAN "s/t" - Doom Sludge - 2004
doom sludge metal vinyl records and CD shop

RUE kicks things off with an ugly blast of grey drone before rolling into “You Say One Thing,” a great track that reminds me of Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity with better chops and production (...) Aldebaran plays lumbering war doom that somehow finds the middle ground between bands like Sleep and Celtic Frost.  (Hellride)

WOODEN STAKE "Dungeon prayers & tombyard serenades CD - Horror DOOm - 2011
Doom Death Metal records store

Wooden Stake continue their reign as the best newcomer in the occult, true doom scene, 9.5/10  (DoomMantia)
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Each week find a selection from our shop
Selection of Doom Metal and black metal records : Candlemass 25th anniversary

CANDLEMASS is born in 1984. The last week-end they just gave a special show for their 25-year birthday at Roadburn Festival.
This is cult epic doom metal and it's time to complete your CANDLEMASS collection !!

CANDLEMASS "Epicus doomicus metallicus" 2xCD - 1986 (2007 reedition)
buy Epic doom metal eand Candlemass CD and vinyl records
CANDLEMASS "Epicus doomicus metallicus" Gatefold 180g LP (red disc) Ltd to 2000 - 1986 (2010 reedition)
Doom Metal records store - cd and vinyl
CANDLEMASS "Nightfall" 2xCD - 1987 (2008 reedition)
Cheap doom metal and black metal CD
CANDLEMASS "Nightfall" Gatefold 180g LP (gold disc) Ltd to 2000 - 1987 (2010 reedition)
CANDLEMASS "Ancient dream" 2xCD - 1988 (2010 reedition) Buy Candlemass Ancient dream digipack cd album
CANDLEMASS "Tales of creation" 2xCD - 1989 (2001 reedition) - Buy  Candlemass Tales of creation CD - epic doom metal
CANDLEMASS "Dactylis glomerata" 2xCD - 1998 (2008 reedition) - Buy cheap Candlemass Cd album records
CANDLEMASS "From the 13th sun" CD - 1999 - Buyepic doom metal  CANDLEMASS FRom the 13th sun album

CANDLEMASS "20 year anniversary party" DVD - 2007 - DVD Candlemass 20 year anniversary party
Buy DVD Candlemass ashes to ashes
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